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Lit Logos Quattro Badge

Lit Logos Quattro Badge

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Customize your car and get more attention with this Quattro Lit Logo! This is a custom color badge that is unlike anything else!

This kit requires a 12v fused source for power. A running light connection is recommended to protect battery life. Professional installation is recommended.


This is secured to your grill with cable ties to allow for customized placement and a universal fit.

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This kit includes


  • Impact and heat resistant housing

  • Bluetooth controller that works via app (iOS + Android compatible)

  • Laser cut frosted acrylic logo

  • Everything connected together with professional grade crimping and heat shrink wrap for protection

  • 3M adhesive and zip ties to secure the logo to the grill


The widest part of the wiring is 13mm or approx. 0.5" which will need to fit through your grill in order to wire the logo. This will fit in the vast majority of OEM and aftermarket grills. If you have a fine mesh grill, you may need to snip one or two of the links to fit the wire through, but once installed you can put the mesh back in its original position and it will never be seen.



RGB uses three different chips to create color. Red, Green, and Blue. In order to produce white light on an RGB LED, Red Green and Blue are all turned on at the same time. This produces a cool white color.

RGBW introduces a fourth chip. White. You get a much more true white color with RGBW. RGBW also allows for lighter shades of colors when mixed with the normal RGB chips. The Bluetooth controller allows you to control the W chip independently from the RGB chips.


Similar to underglow and other RGB lighting, the effect is greatest at night.


We are not associated with/licensed/or sponsored by any vehicle manufacturer. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners. We are solely marketing/selling our product of illumination, not any trademarks.

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