Why is my logo brown? It's not brown in any of the pictures?

Our logos come with a brown paper covering on them. Just as a new phone comes with plastic covering, our logos come with a paper covering to prevent our fingerprints from getting all over your new logo. The paper covering can be peeled off once installed to reveal the gloss black shine.

Will a Lit Logo kill my car battery?

Our Lit Logos use LED's which draw very little power. In our testing, we found that with a brand new battery, you can leave the logo on for over a week straight without starting your car without killing the battery. We do recommend turning the logo off when not in use, but feel free to leave it on for all your car shows, photoshoots, grocery store trips, etc. 

Will this void my car's warranty?

In general, car warranties are very complex and vary from brand to brand.

If you are genuinely concerned about voiding your warranty, we would recommend you reaching out directly to your warranty provider.

Is it illegal to run a Lit Logo while driving?

Please check with your local laws to determine what lights are allowed on your vehicle.

*Our products are intended for off-road use only*

Do you make any Lit Logos for the rear of the car?

In short: Not yet.

Long story: We definitely want to. It's something I want for my car, and something that I know you all want as well. Due to the nature of LED's and light diffusion, some space is needed between the LED's and the front badge to allow the light to diffuse. Otherwise, you would just be looking at individual LED's which honestly does not look that good. In order to mount a logo flush onto the Trunk/Hatch of a vehicle, you would be required to cut into the body panel to inset the logo housing. We don't want to encourage people to have to do that, so at the moment, our logos are only sold for the front grill. We are constantly working on developing new ways to illuminate our logos to make them light up brighter and take up less space. Rear badges are definitely something that we want to do in the future. 

Can I wire a Lit Logo with my other LED stuff?

The short answer is not easily. There are hundreds of different LED chips, hundreds of different connectors, and dozens of different controllers. Unfortunately it is not as simple as just plugging one into another. It would require professional re-wiring and is not guaranteed to work.

For the nerds out there: We use addressable 5v SK6812 LED's, so you can wire up our logo to any device that handles 5v addressable SK6812 chips. However, re-wiring of our wiring harness would void any warranty.


How long does shipping take?

Our products are all built in-house in Jacksonville, FL. We do our best to keep all Lit Logos in stock as much as possible, but during times of increased demand, there may be a bit of a delay for the product to ship while we assemble and QC check our products before shipping. In general the longest it will take for a Lit Logo to ship is 1 week. If the delay is looking to be over 1 week, we will place a notification on the listing or email the customer to let them know.

Do you ship to my country?

YES! We ship worldwide! Simply add the product to your cart and enter your address at checkout and you should be given different shipping options to select.