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Lit Logos Nismo Grill Badge | 370Z & GTR

Lit Logos Nismo Grill Badge | 370Z & GTR

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Customize your car and get more attention with this Nismo Lit Logo! This is a custom color badge that is unlike anything else!

Our Nismo Lit Logo is a badge that completely changes the way people see your car. Our badges all offer over 100 moving color options as well as an endless number of solid color choices. The color can be changed at anytime via a Bluetooth app and will remember the setting you left it on even after powering off. 

This kit requires a 12v fused source for power. A running light connection is recommended to protect battery life. Professional installation is recommended.



Nismo Badge: 5"L x 1”H x 0.5”D

Confirmed Fitment:

Our Nismo badge has a bracket on the rear that mounts to any mesh style grill using zip ties, or you can mount it on a flat surface using some 3M double sided VHB Tape.

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This kit includes

  • Custom RGBW LED board exclusive to Lit Logos to provide the best illumination possible!

  • Impact and heat resistant housing

  • Bluetooth LED controller (iOS + Android compatible)

  • Precision laser cut acrylic badge to ensure an OEM+ finish.

  • Full waterproof coating on all electronics


RGB uses three different chips to create color. Red, Green, and Blue. In order to produce white light on an RGB LED, Red Green and Blue are all turned on at the same time. This produces a cool white color with a blue hue to it. 

RGBW introduces a fourth chip; white. You get a much more true white color with RGBW. Most headlights have a warm white hue and the white chip matches headlights much better than RGB alone can. RGBW also allows for lighter shades of colors when mixed with the normal RGB chips. The Bluetooth controller allows you to control the W chip independently from the RGB chips.


Similar to underglow and other RGB lighting, the effect is greatest at night.


We are not associated with/licensed/or sponsored by any vehicle manufacturer. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners. We are solely marketing/selling our product of illumination, not any trademarks.



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