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Lit Instagram Tags

Lit Instagram Tags

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IG Tags for one side, or both sides of the car?
Additional Installation Hardware

Grab one of our new one of a kind RGB Instagram tags! These aren't just vinyl stickers on top of some LED's, these are one of a kind, fully custom made logos just for your Instagram! Any color you want, any time all from an app on your phone. Every logo gets the same quality build process as all of our Lit Logos. The entire username is made of precision laser cut acrylic and hand placed piece by piece.

With over 100+ moving color options, as well as an endless amount of solid color choices you can match the logo to your build exactly how you want! These secure to your window with laser cut clear 3M tape. This tape can withstand heat, cold, and the highest of spring rate static cars! 

Please Contact Us for custom sizes or custom designs! We make everything in house, so we can do just about anything from logos, to club names, to anything you can imagine. Let us know what you are looking for and we'll get back to you with a custom quote!

How to determine the best size for your car:

To determine the best length, find the location that you would like to place your logo and measure the width of that area. These logos are placed inside the car so you need to measure the location inside the car.  Be sure to take into account that the badge is 1.5" tall. The measured width is the maximum size that the badge can be.

You can use the preview tool above to see a digital proof of how the logo will look. Only include the "@" if you want it included in the design. If the text is too long for the size chosen, it will automatically shrink the letters to fit. If possible, we recommend choosing a sizing that does not shrink the letters in the preview. The larger the letters, the more readable the IG tag will be. 

All of our Instagram tags are 1.5 inches tall and the length varies depending on the option you select above.

The illuminated text is just under 1 inch tall in order to allow room for adhesive above and below it.

What's included:

One Side:

- One Custom Instagram Tag
- One Lit Logos Bluetooth Control Box
- 3M Tape Pre Applied
- Ring connector for the ground wire

Both Sides:

- Two Custom Instagram Tags
     -Different text available for an additional fee

- One Lit Logos Bluetooth Control Box
- Custom Y splitter to control both logos from the same app

- 3M Tape Pre Applied
- One Ring connector for the ground wire

Additional Installation Hardware:

In order to make install as easy as possible, we offer a couple different add-ons. 

USB Power Cord: We will pre-wire the controller output to a USB-A plug that can plug into a USB power source. That can be anything from a cigarette lighter plug, a portable battery pack, or really any USB power source at all! If it can charge your phone, it can power our logos!

Fuse Tap: If you would rather have a hardwired solution, we can include a Fuse Tap to connect the logo directly to the interior fuse box! This also includes a 5a fuse in the accessory slot.

If neither of these are selected, the logo will come with just a power and ground wire to connect to any power source you choose.

Production Time

We make every effort to make and ship these out as soon as possible but due to the custom nature of these logos, please allow up to a week for production during busy periods.

Coming Soon:
Battery Packs!

We will soon offer a battery pack for anyone concerned about power draw at an extended event such as a car show. This battery pack can also be used for any device that connects via USB A or C!

30,000mAh battery pack:
Rainbow/solid color: 24hrs+ on 1 side (most commonly used)
RGB White: 12hrs+ on 1 side
RGB+W White: 8hrs+ on 1 side

Black Friday Discount does not apply to custom items

**Due to the custom nature of these logos, the preview may be slightly modified to ensure the best fitment and illumination**

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