Si Install Guides

Mesh Grill: If you own a mesh grill with a badge that can be removed from the grill, leaving just a standard OEM or Aftermarket mesh pattern, you will select "Mesh Grill" for your mounting solution. Some examples of this are the EM1, 9th gen Sedan, or any aftermarket grill with a mesh pattern. If you have an aftermarket grill and the mesh holes are smaller than 11mm, you may need to snip some of the links to allow the wire to pass through.

Install Guide for Mesh Grill click here!

3M Mounting: If your grill does not have a mesh at all OR has a mesh but the Si badge is molded into the grill, meaning it can not be removed, then you will need the 3M Mounting option. Installation may require drilling a small hole to allow the wire to pass through the grill. Some examples of this are the 8th gen pre-facelift and the 10th gen.

Install Guide for 3M click here! 

The above examples are not an exhaustive list. If you have any questions as to which is best for your car, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please include photos of your grill and close up photos of the side of your OEM Si badge if you have one so we can see how it mounts up.