Blemished Control Box

Our recent shipment of control boxes came in and the vast majority of them got some sticky black glue on them during shipping. We are in the process of getting new control boxes that aren't blemished, and they should arrive around mid-September. Since the control box gets hidden away during install and the blemish being cosmetic only, we wanted to pass the savings on to you guys!

This does not effect light output, waterproofing, or any functionality of the logo itself. Once installed, this part is completely hidden away and will never be seen by anyone but you.

These control boxes perform the exact same as the ones without the black glue. All of our logos will still come with a full year warranty, and this does not effect the integrity of the waterproofing. With these being far from our standard of quality, we wanted to offer a 10% discount on all Lit Logos!

Below are some examples of what the blemished control boxes look like: